In May 2006, 586 released We Got Bored – their debut single – on Tigertrap Records. A runner-up single of the week in the NME, the limited edition vinyl sold out in two days and seemingly conquered the late night radio airwaves. The video was played on MTV2, a live session was recorded for John Kennedy’s show on XFM, and the band performed shows all over the UK and in parts of Europe. It was EXCITING. Two further singles were released, and the band were delighted when, to promote Rags & Tags – their third single – they were offered the chance to go on their first ‘proper’ tour of the UK, supporting SohoDolls in September and October 2007. They would be playing six nights each week for six weeks, on a standard support fee of £50 a night. Van hire alone would cost £40 a night, but so determined were the band to grab this opportunity that they decided to throw caution (and every penny they had) to the wind, and jumped in the van. One of them even quit their job. The tour was immense fun, but Rags & Tags flopped and they split up in February 2008.

I kept a diary for the duration of the tour.  It logged everything, from quotes of the day, to text message arguments with the bassist, to emails from promoters in Doncaster banning us from their venues and calling me an idiot. This is that diary.

586 were:


Samantha Christie – The Bass Guitar

Deborah Coughlin – Vocals & keyboards

Simon Dempsey – Guitar & percussion

Steven Horry – Vocals & guitar

Grant Purser – The Drums

Do you remember Myspace? No? Oh. Well, our Myspace is still active at http://www.myspace.com/586



Each entry is entitled with the day number, the date, the venue name and the quote of the day. Many of these quotes were from Deborah, but helpfully, the only thing I didn’t keep track of was who was responsible for each quote.

I owe a massive thanks to Alex Sarll and his amazing powers of proof-reading.

Contact: stevehorry@googlemail.com


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