This ol’ beast has been going a little while now, so I thought it would be useful to create a contents page with handy links to all the entries so far. Thoughtful, eh?

Day One – Taunton. Or “Don’t worry Simon, I only want to put your cock in my mouth.”
Day Two – Crewe. Or “Are you homeless?”
Day Three – Milton Keynes. Or “Grant, get the fish.”
Interlude – When Steven Met Deborah. Or “You compromised my credibility.”
Day Four – Newcastle. Or “Just close your eyes and imagine a tampon salad.”
Day Five – Glasgow. Or “Some people are just nice.”
Day Six – Aberdeen. Or “Who let a dead clown in?”
Day Seven – G******* R**. Or “Don’t blink.”
Day Eight – Carlisle. Or “Get your cock out then, love.”
Day Nine – London. Or “It’s the bread that makes you feel shit.”
Day off. Or “Fuck off.”
Day Ten – Leeds. Or “Illness.”
Interlude 2: Auditions. Or “How I got bored of auditions.”
Day Eleven – York. Or “But I really like you.”
Day Twelve – Hull. Or “Emo kids don’t like winklepickers.”
2003-2004 Or “I Got Bored of Rock In 1988” Part One
Day Thirteen – Derby. Or “It smells of chips.”
Day Fourteen – Leicester. Or “Tunnel to Devon.”
Day Fifteen – Bristol. Or “I got a right to be hostile. My people been persecuted.”
Day Sixteen – Cardiff. Or “I hope you don’t like cock, ‘cos I like you.”
Day Seventeen – Swansea. Or “I fuck hard and I cry hard.”
Day Eighteen – Southend. Or “Data Entry”
Day Nineteen – Guildford. Or “Meh”
Days Twenty & Twenty One – Brighton. Or “There’s nothing you can’t do with Bonjela, but don’t put Savlon in your mouth”
Live at 93 Feet East
Days Twenty Two and Three. Or “I don’t understand it. I understand words.”
2003-4. Or “I Got Bored of Rock In 1988” Part Three
Day Twenty Four – Manchester Night & Day Cafe. Or Or “The north. And the south. And never the twain shall meet.” – Luke Haines
Gaggle. Or “Getting a bit sentimental.”
Day Twenty Five – Sheffield Corporation. Or “Mum, how do you catch genital herpes? ******* slept with a lesbian last night so **HE OR SHE** is worried **HE OR SHE** might have it.” “Hang on, I’ll ask Nan.” ”
Day Twenty Six – Doncaster Priory. Or “The man is an idiot.”
Day Twenty Seven – Wolverhampton Little Civic. Or “The morning after.”a>
2004 Or “I Got Bored of Rock In 1988” Part Four
Day Twenty Eight or “In the shitty”
Day Twenty Nine or “The End”


About Steve Horry

Comics writer/artist, musician, former DJ.
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